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We are seeking a post production runner for the film department in Studio RM; a creative studio that specialises in color grading and post production for film, print and digital.

Post-production is the last stage of the film process and involves creating a finished programme using the footage from production, refining elements such as sound, editing and colour grading grading and VFX. At Studio RM we have colourists, editors and VFX artists working in the studio, working on TVCs, online campaigns and music videos.

The role of the runner is an opportunity to gain vital experience and knowledge of the film post production process, offering valuable understanding of how a studio and artists operate and is often seen as the first step for people aspiring to roles in film and post production.

What does a post-production runner do?

Within post-production there are roughly three different areas of work: production management, colour grading and VFX retouching. Being a runner is a route into all three.

Post-production runners oil the cogs of post-production studios. As a runner, you will be on hand to help out in the colour grade / vfx suites and around the studio. You will help with a range of tasks to keep the projects running smoothly and studio organised including;

  • shipping/receiving hard drives
  • ingesting (transfer) footage
  • helping set up for client sessions / ordering lunches, teas + coffee
  • keeping the studio clean and tidy;
  • answering phones and relaying messages within the production team;
  • undertaking basic research;
  • undertaking general administrative work;
  • Ordering studio supplies;
  • making clients and guests feel welcome.

You won’t be expected to know how to use professional software from the start, but these are some of the tools you might be able to use once you are working as a runner in a studio.

  • Editing - Premiere Pro
  • Colour grading - DaVinci Studio
  • VFX – Autodesk Flame

The right person would be:

  • Interested in film, fashion or wide creative culture and have an interest in how the film or post production industry works.
  • Storytelling and color; have an interest in the way stories are created through assembling shots and scenes, good eye for color and composition and their emotional impact
  • Respectful and supportive to the team, having a collaborative mind-set
  • Attention to detail: organise and work with fine timings and pixels
  • Learning to use software: have an interest in the technical aspects of the project, able to learn how to use the tools
  • Learning by watching and asking: observe the color grade and assistants, know when to listen and when to ask
  • Taking instruction: do what’s asked, prioritise, stay calm under pressure
  • Communication: work well with team members, be welcoming to guests and clients

To Apply:

Please send your CV and cover letter to [email protected]

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